About Zing

Sandy Spit May 16 2017.jpg

It started with a simple life in the caribbean

Jonas came down to the Caribbean to become closer to nature and live sustainably on a sailboat. He bought S/Y Zing and prepared the boat for a life "off the grid." Solar panels were installed, anchors were purchased and artwork was created. Meanwhile, he met Marine Ecologist student Michele, who had found her love for the ocean in a library in Tennessee, reading books about Sharks. She applied for an internship in South Africa studying sharks and from there on decided to attend the University of Virgin Islands for her master's degree in Marine Ecology.

Michele taught Jonas about the ocean, freediving and diving while Jonas taught Michele how to sail. They connected, Michele moved onto the boat, and with their lifes being lived in and on the ocean, it was clear to see that the ocean was in need of help. So they founded Zing Ocean Conservancy with a focus on making a positive impact on the ocean. Fittingly, Zing, which was the name of their boat, means enthusiasm, or liveliness. With a Zing they started cleaning up the ocean. After having sailed Zing across the Atlantic Ocean, to North Africa and Europe as an adventure, and to explore the current plastic pollution issue in different parts of the world they relocated to the Arctic - in North Norway. Here, together with Erik and Maja, they founded Zing Ocean Conservancy Norway. They hired Marika, who had experience from political environmental organizations, built a game plan. Now, they are working their hardest on saving the ocean.